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Don’t Get Ripped off Seeking Seattle Foreclosure Help!

So you haven’t been making your payments and suddenly your bank sends you a notice of trustee sale claiming that your property will be going into foreclosure in a few a short months.

You’re in need of real help, real fast.

So guess what else you’ll find in the mail?

1.  Letters from people claiming that you can walk away by quit-claiming your property to them.  SCAM.

2.  Letters from people claiming that they will delete your mortgage if you give them 50% ownership of your property.  SCAM.

3.  Government style letters claiming to help you obtain “government loan modifications and/or short sale assistance.”  SOLICITATION FOR BUSINESS.

4.  Investors claiming that they’ll “buy your house” in 7 days.  QUITE POSSIBLY A SCAM.

So you go off searching for “Seattle Foreclosure Help” on Google and you again run into people promising to buy your property from you or “save your home and prevent foreclosure.”

Now not every single company promising to save you from foreclosure is attempting to scam you, but you must keep in mind the key differences between a company that’s going to actually help you vs. a company that’s out there to rip you off.

And you know what that is?

It’s a track record.

Has the company closed at least 75-100 short sales?  What is their average success rate?  Of all of the loan modifications that they’ve negotiated, how many of them have been permanent? Are the companies promising to repair your credit comprised of actual attorneys experienced in litigation or random people off of the streets?

These are questions that you absolutely must be able to answer when seeking to avoid being another Seattle foreclosure statistic.

As the owner of Short Sail Solutions (a nationwide network of short sale experts), I have spent the last few years partnering with the best companies out there with the strongest track records, who are now ready and available to help you avoid foreclosure and walk away from this season in life with as little damage as possible.

We have experts all over the nation designated for the following areas of interest:  Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Credit Repair, Debt Settlement & Legal Counsel.

If you need help, simply scroll to the top of this website and click the tab that best addresses your need.

One free phone call with an expert may quite possibly save you from foreclosure.

And remember, when something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

There is a reason why the Attorney General wrote me a letter commending my business.  When homeowners are in pre-foreclosure, the last thing they need is another person trying to take advantage of their distressed situation.  Yes it’s important to get help, but it’s even more important to get it from the right people.

Be wise,

Kevin Kim

Written by SSB


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