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License Revocation Decision Upheld in Hellickson Case, but Appealed.

Important disclaimer: We are in no way providing an opinion or judging the Hellickson’s on this issue, we are simply stating the facts that we know up to this point regarding this difficult situation as it is our duty as a blog concentrating on short sales in Washington State.

The states ruling against the Hellickson’s (Michael, Tera and their firm, Hellickson.com) has been upheld by an administrative-law judge as of last Thursday, the 12th. This ruling revokes the real estate license for Michael, Tera and their firm for the next 10 years.

Please read our previous post on Why His License Was Suspended.

Judge Terry Schuh upheld 6 of the 10 charges filed against Michael and Tera and 5 of the 10 charges filed against their firm, according to the Seattle Times.

Yesterday it was announced by the Hellickson’s attorney, Douglas Tingvall, that the Hellicksons are appealing this decision, stating “At worst, the evidence showed that the Hellicksons need improvement in customer service…”

Please let us know your thoughts on this issue and feel free to add any facts or insights that you may have come across. We would like to ask that all comments left be respectful regarding this difficult situation, however.

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  • its really true on

    he is now just co-listing with a co. called hre vanpor and probably going to charge them a coaching fee when he loses his license, to get around the referral rule. And continue to do what he does. This Hre vanpor is the same people who ran the show at hellickson, even his wife works there. it’s disgusting that they are able to continue on- and all of the scammers working along with them. same show, same people, different name.

  • If that is true than the DOL needs to look into that. What about his “coaching” business. Isn’t it real estate related? Can they stop him from passing on his disgusting fraudulant practices to others?

  • SSB Post author on

    The DOL has a considerable amount of authority over business owners. However, they are limited. Prohibiting them from educating realtors for compensation may not be enforceable but I am sure they will be keeping a close eye on them.
    Can we discount the fact that the Hellickson team has knowledge when it comes to foreclosure prevention and short sales? Although many may have been negatively affected by certain practices of his team, many distressed homeowners were also rescued from bad situations.
    Conversely, is it wise to have a team who’s been accused of numerous unethical practices, training realtors to adapt these same practices leading to the possible demise of more distressed homeowners?
    There are pros and cons to the hellickson’s educating professionals in real estate. What do you think?

  • That’s pretty serious. Being ethical is primary and leads our day to day activity. We help people through some of the most challenging times of their lives. I hope he makes the adjustments to his business model and is better for the experience

  • I think it is a good ruling. It is getting one of the many shady businesses out there that do not care about their clients and only about the $$$

    • “Social Darwinism” has always existed but being in a recession, shady business practices have become prevalent in the U.S.
      Fortunately, we have the sites like BBB.org and other organizations that help us find legitimate companies.

  • Before the licensing department moved against him, Michael Hellickson had appeared on CNBC, Fox Business News and other broadcast outlets to discuss distressed real estate.

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