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Are You Inadvertently Hiring The Wrong Short Sale Agent?

Here is a good rule of thumb for struggling Homeowners: Take words from realtors with a grain of salt until their credentials are supported. Although many will call themselves “experts” in the short sale arena, the title is abused to use as a salesman technique to get your home listed with them. As a result, homeowners are undergoing detrimental experiences both mentally and financially being left in worst case scenario situations. How do you avoid being another horror story? Do Your Research.

I am constantly flooded with various short sale horror stories from homeowners who previously worked with sub-par agents in the field of short sales. Many of them did not close the short sale on good terms (often unknowingly) which put them in troubled situations involving lender’s pursuing homeowners for remaining deficiency without their home to use as leverage anymore. It is vital for homeowner’s to solve the deficiency problem prior to sale. This requires an excellent Short Sale professional.

I recently came across a post from a very popular short sale professionals networking site whom the author (a “short sale expert”) questioned whether the short sale system was faulty or if it was him/her that resulted in their perpetual negative experiences with short sale transactions. Numerous agents who share similar experiences tend to criticize the system. However, I can safely say that by looking at the stark contrast of success from our handpicked team of agent’s results, I can conclude that it is majorly due to the lack of expertise in the agents who works on the short sales. This particular agent shared that out of the 60-80 properties he/she worked on, the agent was only able to close FOUR. This was a recent post my friends…

Agents similar to this one exist everywhere. Albeit short sales have now been around for quite some time, it is still a novel deal for many realtors yet many of these same realtors try to attempt them at the homeowner’s expense. Even if the agent have had years of experience in the field, the use of the label “expert” is taken lightly and is simply used as a sales pitch to generate more business. A short sale is a difficult transaction but I will say it is nearly impossible for those who lack the experience and expertise in the field. Our team has nearly 6 years of short sale experience (15 combined) with proper credentials and licenses such as the CDPE training (Certified Distressed Property Expert), Certified Foreclosure Specialist and Mortgage Loan Originators licenses among others. Our team also does not take on all who are looking into short selling their home as it is not always the best solution for every homeowner. Contrary to the typical short sale story I hear, our team has had hundreds of successful closings with a stellar track record.

Although they are rare, legitimate experts do exist in your area. Seattleshortsaleblog can only help those who are in the Washington area. However, for those who are looking into short sales, here are some research tools that we highly recommend when pursuing a short sale:

Speak with a HUD counselor: If you are on the fence on whether to short sale your property or not, we recommend speaking with a HUD counselor who will provide you with exceptional advice for your specific situation. They have no incentive other than to help you make the right decision for your home.

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I guarantee, the time of research is worth your investment.

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