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Are You A Boomerang Buyer Yet?

What are boomerang buyers? Boomerang buyers are in reference to homeowners whose homes were foreclosed or short sold in the past, and are now in the market again to buy. Are you a boomerang buyer yet?The concept of the boomerang buyer is exactly what we at seattle short sale blog has endorsed for quite some time: Endure through the short sale and buy your next home. These buyers are rapidly coming back to the market again and are in solid financial positions comparatively to those who are still in negative equity positions.

Rather than having a cumbersome amount of debt from their home, they are now buying at all time low interest rates (3.5% for 30yr fixed) and riding along with the increasing appreciation rates, building EQUITY on their home.

For many homeowners, it will take many more years just to break even on their home. Boomerang buyers took a business minded financial stance and pushed through to their new home.

As we endorse here at seattle short sale blog, rebuilding your credit through legitimate programs such as Lexington Law, can help expedite your credit score rebound. This is what we’ve been doing with many of our short sale blog members and they are in solid positions now, many of them boomerang buyers.

Do you want to be a home buyer again? Are you in a negative equity situation and feel your flushing money down in a home that has high interest rates and is deeply underwater? Contact our short sale specialist here in Washington State. Input your information here and we can find what the best situation is for you.

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