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Avoid The Foreclosure Rescue Death Trap!

Frauds involving short sales and foreclosures are evolving today. In fact, 2 scammers, Mark Farhood and Jason Sant, operated several foreclosure rescue websites such as walkawaytoday.org and selffastusa.com for the purpose of deceiving desperate homeowners who seek foreclosure assistance. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s a red flag.

At Seattle Short Sale Blog, we want to expose to you any and all scams that are out there. For this case, these two perpetrators claimed that they are in the business of negotiating with lenders to purchase mortgage notes at a discount. Their purpose was to take possession of the houses at virtually no cost and profit from it via rents.

The court discovered that no negotiations took place and that they submitted fraudulent HAMP loan modifications to delay foreclosure unbeknownst to the homeowners.

What is known as one of the best foreclosure prevention options for homeowners is a short sale. Short sales allow homeowners to walk away from their current debt which is the difference between how much they owe to their banks and how much the house can sell for. If you find the right team work with in completing a short sale, you can be well on your way to return to financial stability.

Working with the right team is important. What can be just as bad as a foreclosure scam is working with the wrong agent who doesn’t know short sales. Wherever you live, contact me here and I will help you discover what the right move is for your situation and connect you with a local expert in your area.

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