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Why You Absolutely Have To Use Credit Repair For Short Sales credit-report-error Full view

Why You Absolutely Have To Use Credit Repair For Short Sales

Homeowners are finding out some disturbing news after short selling their houses. They are being held from becoming a homeowner again due to their credit report reporting a “Foreclosure” after completing a short sale rather than distinguishing it as a “Short sale.” Senator Bill Nelson is demanding two federal agencies to solve this glitch in two months or he will go straight to the president to clear this issue.

When is the last time you read through your credit report? Per my previous article, I mentioned that credit bureaus themselves estimates 70%-90% of all credit reports contain errors and mistakes. What if you had a foreclosure stamped on your report even after going through the long and hard process of a short sale?

We at Seattleshortsaleblog have been endorsing a legitimate credit repair service for years. Rather than becoming a victim of these errors on your report, why not spend a small amount of money to rapidly rebound your credit score and dispute items (that probably exist) off your credit report completely?

It is a no brainer. Call Lexington Law, the biggest credit repair company in the nation and a personally trusted company that we at seattleshortsaleblog believe in.

Here is a phone number for their direct line for our blog members:


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  • Best thing to do is get something out on hire prauhcse, (it doesn’t have to be expensive) just make sure you already have the money to pay for it all. Then pay it back in only a couple of months rather than a year or two. Do this a few times and you’re credit report will show that your able to service your credit and pay it back earlier. This is helpful especially if your going to apply for a fairly big loan like a mortgage in the future.

  • You’ve really impressed me with that answer!


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