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Aren`t you tired of reading through endless piles of short sale related information online only to feel more CONFUSED about short sales, loan modifications, deficiency judgements, so on and so forth? Wouldn`t you rather have a REAL EXPERT filter through all of that information to get you the TRUTH on preforeclosure, short sales, loan mods and other unsecured debt?

*hint the Seattle Short Sale Blog

We are watching out for your best interest. Thus, the sole purpose of this blog is to educate and connect real estate agents & homeowners with the nation`s best short sale, loan modification & debt settlement negotiators, all of whom have been hand selected by Peter Kim (one of Seattle`s leading short sale experts) for their 94%+ success rates and/or stellar closing records.

We are not here to “advertise” services.  Rather, we want to send you off in the right direction and make sure if you do hire someone for help, the experts you work with are some of the best in the business.


About Peter J Kim
Peter Kim is the author of the nationally recognized website: SEATTLESHORTSALEBLOG.COM

He is a short sale expert, a writer, and a broker on a nationally ranked real estate team. His goal is to help distressed homeowners around the country explore all options for their particular situation and help guide them to make the right decision regarding their house.

Peter has high standard for agents in the real estate and/or foreclosure assistance field. He has a vast network of trusted professionals in all areas of the US so distressed homeowners can be connected to the best in the business